WOW Marketplace

We’re deep in the months were coats are needed and umbrellas are kept at the door… the winter chill has finally made its way to Northern California. So while we sit bundled up, we can’t help reminisce on warmer months and our last market of the summer: WOW (works of women) Marketplace!

SGBI had such a great time meeting so many women makers in an absolutely adorable event space: the Nob Hill Hideaway. Located in San Francisco, CA and tucked behind a black gated door - you would never guess that inside was the most relaxing courtyard and quaint studio - we can’t wait to have an event there in the future.

While various pop up shops brought an amazing assortment of clothes, jewelry, art and food for guests - we provided whimsical balloons and a bar full of bubbly!

Venue: @nobhillhideaway; Event: @wowmarketplace; Decor: @sgbi_events